Divorce Rate Likely To Increase

Statistics performed from a study at the University Of California and Chapman University and from other studies indicate that couples who struggle with alcohol or drug use are more likely to divorce than couples who don’t struggle with alcohol or substance abuse.

While the quantity of unions taking place is about the same among non-users and one of the alcohol and drug users, the divorce rate, on the other hand is four times as high among alcohol and drug users.

This alarming statistic points out the need for lawyers, mental health professionals and health professionals that are skilled in treating such addictions.

Over twenty-four million Americans are addicted to Cost of Raccoon Trapping alcohol and drugs
41 percent of first marriages end in divorce.
In the united states, there occurs one divorce about every 36 minutes. That is nearly 2,400 divorces each day, 16,800 divorces each week and 876,000 divorces each and every year.
The average length of a marriage that ends in divorce is about eight decades long.
There were approximately 20.6 million people in america over age 12 having an addiction in 2011.

Although most individuals do not get the treatment they want, more than 3 million people in 2011 received treatment for their addiction.

More than 20 million Americans over age 12 have an addiction (excluding tobacco).
100 people die daily from drug overdoses. This rate has tripled in the last twenty years.
More than 5 million emergency room visits in 2011 were drug related.
2.6 million people with addictions have a dependence on both alcohol and illegal drugs.
9.4 million individuals in 2011 reported driving under the influence of illegal drugs.
6.8 million individuals with an addiction have a mental illness.
Over 90 percent of people who have an addiction started drinking, smoking or using illegal drugs before age 18.
Clinicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, marriage counselors, family therapists and matrimonial attorneys know all too well how often addictions contribute to marital discord as well as the dissolution of unions.
Spouses hooked on alcohol, opioids, gaming, porn, marijuana, cocaine, shopping and social media can be quite hard to live with in a wholesome relationship.

What’s more, some wives and husbands are addicted to more than one of the above behaviors.

Moreover, some addicts have a duel identification like melancholy, narcissistic character disorders and bipolar disorder. Therapists, divorce lawyers who assist these sorts of patients and spouses that are married to a person having a duel identification know how challenging these associations can be.

Additionally lying, physical abuse and emotional abuse often occur when a married individual has an addictive illness.

Some therapists are reporting an increase in the number of dependence they see in their practices. Along with the opioid addiction crisis, the methadone addiction problem will undoubtedly bring about an increase the divorce rate and a further breakdown of the family unit in america.

Increases In The Presence Of Addictions At A Clinical Setting

In my own practice, I feel that roughly thirty to forty percent of the couples that I treat are struggling with an addiction to alcohol, drugs, gaming, media, porn, sex or video games.

As mentioned earlier, some of the patients present with more than 1 addiction.

I recently treated a guy who had been addicted to cocaine and porn.

I also advised a woman who had been addicted to alcohol and to betting.

Individuals that are thinking about divorce might find it helpful to seek out therapists and attorneys with expertise in helping addicted people and their relatives.

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