How to Remain Relaxed During a Panel Interview

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Panel interviews can be really nerve-wrecking. These eyes are on you! How can you keep your cool and put your best foot forward? This article provides five tips on how to unwind and put your best foot forward in the panel interview:

Hint 1: Research.

There are various avenues for research before attending an interview. Ideally, much of the research could be undertaken even before you have filed your application. The equilibrium can be undertaken once you know with whom you will be interviewed.

Your research may start by finding out as much as you can about the company as well as the industry in which it operates. You want to understand the key facts about the company, in addition to any potential problems it might face. You will also want to identify what opportunities the company may be interested to tap into. The deeper you take part in research on the business and the industry it operates in, the greater your ability to recognize potential issues and opportunities for that corporation. From there, you can consider how your unique set of KSAs(knowledge, skills and abilities) can be utilized to help the company overcome its problems and tap into possible opportunities. This component of your research can be undertaken before you submit your application. The discussion you may have arising from this component of your research will let you truly shine in the interview.

As soon as you have been formally invited for an interview, you can request the names of each member of the interview panel. With this information to hand, you’re in a position to Google interviewers by title with a view to identifying any interests you may share. You might also want to identify accomplishments, books and/or advocacy panel members might have been involved in. You can drill down into the aspects you most admire about every panel member. The knowledge you pick up about each panel member will go a long way to building a bridge between them and yourself.

Rehearse the interview with a trusted friend, family member or career counsellor. Doing this will provide you a lot of feedback on how you come across in a meeting setting. Knowing how you encounter, and having the chance to hone your answers will go a long way to helping you remain calm in the interview setting.

Another way of honing your interview skills is by applying for roles that you have no intention of accepting (i.e.,”practice interviews”). In so doing, you can concentrate on developing your interview technique in a secure setting: Safe, in the sense that you do not care whether or not you are offered the position. The skills you develop by attending clinic interviews will translate to being more comfortably relaxed and able to put your best foot forward at these crucial interviews.

Tip 3: Prepare

Prepare your outfit, materials and accessories the night before. This way, you will feel more relaxed and calm, knowing that everything you need is all set. Whatever you need to bring with you on the day can be taken on the side, leaving your right hand free to shake hands on birth. Doing this will leave you feeling professional and organized and will make a positive first impression.

It is useful to take some time to do some silent deep breathing prior to going into the interview itself. If you are driving, you can do so after you’ve parked your car securely. All you need to do is place your hands in your lap and do some quiet deep breathing for 5-10 minutes. In case you’ve got enough time, you will find it more valuable to do it for 20 minutes. With each deep breath you take, your whole body receives additional oxygen where it counts. You’ll also feel like the strongest and most confident version of yourself. That feeling will carry with you into the interview room.

Tip 5: Smile

You will find it helpful to smile at everyone you meet: The receptionist, every staff member with whom you cross paths, any contractors or clients who are onsite, the man who escorts you to the interview room, as well as each member of the interview board. You will find that the more you smile, the more smiles return to you. And, the more smiles that come back to you, the more relaxed and collegial the interview will feel like. So, be certain to smile often. At the very least, you can smile before replying every interview question.

At the end of the day, you can feel relaxed and calm, no matter how many men and women are interviewing you for that highly coveted position.

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